Osnovna stran


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Whether it's morning, afternoon or evening, the view over the balcony of the Hotel Trojane's rooms will surely soothe your soul.

A new world is opening up for you. A fairy tale world of nature and peace. The painting I am describing is offered to you in a myriad of shades of color that no painter can copy. You can stroll through the emerald green shrubs of the forest slopes, get lost in the lush greenery of the vast, freshly mowed meadows for a moment, or take in the tranquil depths of the dark, mighty forests that abound.

Far out on the horizon, the scene is adorned by tall, sunlit mountains, and the deeper valleys are mysteriously obscured by a veil of pearl mists.

The tranquility of this moment may only be disturbed by the play of the great Buzzard, who masterfully evades the numerous attacks of the Black Crows. And right before your eyes.

Enjoy in natural beauties during a short walk or in adventure richer mountain biking and hiking tour!

Golden Ranch

A traditional riding club 15 km drive away only!

Breakfast for two on the balcony of a hotel room with stunning views of the surrounding mountain area? Why not!