Osnovna stran


Tel: +386 1 7233 610
Would you maybe care for a nice warm & fresh hotel
uffet Breakfast in the morning, before you go back to the great grey road again?

We offer a very good choice of quality and freshly made continental meals and drinks in a self service arrangement in the hotel dining room. Many of the dishes are coming from organic farming also. All at a moderate price of 7,50 EUR.

If you decide so, you can always check for a breakfast at our reception desk, upon your arrival or later. Just let us know one night before, please. Thank you.

Breakfast is served daily from 7:00 till 10:00! 

Our regular breakfast offer:
Fresh fruits of various kinds, freshly stewed vegetables, variety of nuts, dried fruits, filed vegetables, various hard and soft cheeses, spreading cheeses, fruit and plain yoghurts, milk, baked eggs, salami, pates, fish, hot dogs, sausages, chocolate spreads, marmalade, honey, bread, croissants, buns, gluten-free bread, dessert, coffee, cereal coffee, cocoa, tea, juices, etc.